In Catalyst we provide a holistic approach that starts with a tailored comprehensive assessment for our clients' current state to helps executive leaders in confronting their organizational realities (both internal and external), and accordingly develop the right new strategic direction.

With the step by step process that we provide, we enable corporates to kick-off a turbocharged, no-slack launch that runs on a separate track from the day-to-day operations, promoting both high speed and high engagement. Running a no-slack launch alongside the routine management process for a few months enables organizations to accelerate the transformation, gaining not only precious time but also energy, commitment, and momentum, and this is what sets the solutions Catalyst provides apart.

Transformation Solutions

Our experienced transformation architects don't only help executives successfully launching initiatives to operationalize their strategies, but we also ensure the right tools are in place to sustain the wins of the transformation efforts beyond year one. We provide the detailed how’s of a “launch redux” to boldly kick off the second year of execution. After an extended test drive, the leadership team are allowed to re-examine their strategic priorities and the thinking behind them, drawing on everyone’s experience to make informed changes where needed.