About Company

Catalyst is a regional corporate transformation consulting firm, providing evidence-based, no-nonsense, step-by-step, results-driven approach to driving breakthrough performance in a disruptive VUCA world.

In partnership with Professor Robert H. Miles, author of Leading Corporate Transformation and BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Leading Corporate Transformation in a Disruptive World, Catalyst is bringing to the MENA region a proven track record of success in supporting executive leaders in almost all industries as they rise to the challenges of organizational growth and revitalization.


What sets us apart

"Ask any CEO who has overseen a corporate transformation what should have been handled differently, and you are likely to get this answer: We should have—and could have—moved faster!” Accelerating Corporate Transformations (Don’t Lose Your Nerve!), Harvard Business Review

In Catalyst we adopt an approach called Accelerated Corporate Transformation or ACT in all our engagements. Originally distilled by Dr. Robert H. Miles from an innovative two-week residential program for CEOs and their leadership teams, which he chaired at the Harvard Business School; the ACT process architecture was continuously refined through work these top executives and their teams as they were wrestling with the realities of how to rise to the major challenge confronting their organization.


The unique about ACT that it greatly compresses and accelerates the process for launching a new direction or rapidly executing a new set of initiatives. It incorporates a streamlined, high-engagement, all-employee cascade methodology, which rapidly creates a clear line of sight between new company-wide initiatives and the job-level objectives of all managers and employees.



The ACT process architecture has been designed to quickly focus, align, and engage the full organization and then rigorously follow through for execution. It was also designed to be run by business leaders with light consulting and implementation support the first time through. By design, it allows managers at all levels to effectively lead organizational transformation and strategy execution on their own, and it becomes part of a more rigorous management process by the end of the first year of implementation.

Confront Reality

• Internal and External Due Diligence
• Leadership Readiness assessment
• Confront realities: Data based work session
• "Safe Passage" for objective business and assessment
• Prioritize Issues and Opportunities

Focus and Align

Focus: Vision and business success model.
Align: Transformation initiatives and behavior drivers.
Compressed Series of concentrated, one-day Work sessions: Senior and Extended leadership Team.
• Set clear Direction.
• Focus 3-4 Initiatives for Rapid Execution.
• Align top 3 management levels.
• Prepare execuitives to lead.

Engage - All-employee High Engagement Cascades

Engage: Uniquely rapid, High-engagement, all- employee cascade to create organization-wide excitement.
• Create widespread understanding, excitement and commitment.
• Establish clear line-of-sight goals for entire organization.

Follow - Quarterly

Rigorous execution tracking: Initiative tracking, Indvidual Performance Tracking, Midcourse Assessment, Quarterly Performance Checkpoints with one day work sessions, and streamlined re-launch at beginning of next year
• Breakthrough performance results and demonstrative culture shift in first year.
• More robust management process.

Interested to discuss potential ways that can help your company achieving breakthrough results?