A- The Agile Leader: Coaching for Change Program

The Agile Leader: Coaching for Change program is for managers, supervisors and leaders who are supporting their staff during major change or transformation time. You will learn how to coach staff to achieve clarity about their own goals, organisational expectations, new roles and accountabilities.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

• Develop shared team goals for managing in a change environment
• Clarify personal leadership goals and approaches to leading change
• Learn to apply coaching models with peers and staff
• Prepare for challenging change conversations
• Experience coaching environment during the program to prepare them before going back to the workplace

B- Outplacement Support Services:

During transformation, right sizing your organization while ensuring business continuity, sustaining your employer brand, and keeping staying associates’ engaged and motivated can be challenging.

In Catalyst Solutions we help departing associates start their new chapter of their career faster. Through our individualised approach, we help those associates develop the right mind-set to focus on their next career move and work on honing the right capabilities in this very competitive marketplace.

To know more about our tailored offerings that will help departing employees with the tools and the support that aligns with their skills, motivation, and cultural preferences, call us today.

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